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About us

We would like to showcase all your artistic work, poems, stories and pictures. If you have something you would like to share send it to Debbie Laflin and she will see that it is put on this section.

I Believe
I believe in independence and inspiration
In having my own pet
In just one social worker
And not too much protection
I believe in trees not paperwork

I believe in confidence, trust
Not in looks but what’s on the inside
I believe that loss may happen
And change, good and bad
I believe in foster parents who do it for more than money

I believe in us on a bench on Green Hill
I believe in the right to stay with my friends
Permission to go out to parties
And I believe in coming home

Group poem, Berkshire Children in Care Councils 11 May 2011

Hope - by Chloe age 13

 There’s hope in front of you

If you open your eyes

And hold on tight

Then it will take you so far in life

And you should believe in hope

Because it is not just a word

It is something more

And even if you are good or bad

Hope will still come true

If you believe in hope!