Getting a national insurance number

Getting a national insurance number

What is national insurance?

When you work part of your earnings goes to the government so that you can qualify for certain benefits if you need them. You need a national insurance number for this to happen.

If you're looked after by Wokingham Borough Council you might not automatically get a national insurance number.

To get one you might need to:

After you're 15 years and 9 months old you can ask your social worker to apply to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs. They can do this by sending a letter saying they want tp apply for a national insurance number for a looked after child.

The letter has to include:

  • You full name
  • Any previous names you've used
  • You date if birth
  • The date you went into care
  • Your current address 
  • Your social worker's contact details

If you're a British citizen, the letter should also include:


  • Any previous addresses - this could be your parent’s old address or your last address before you were taken into care
  • A photocopy of your birth certificate, care order or passport

If the you're an unaccompanied minor and supported by the Home Office, photocopies of the child’s Home Office documents should also be included/

If more information is needed Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs will issue a CA3530 ‘Application form to your social worker to confirm the details required.

The form should be completed and posted back to er Majesty's Revenue and Customs within 1 month. 

If it is not returned within a month, another request to register letter will have to be sent.