Help and support for children and young people in care

Help and support for children and young people in care

Your carer is given money to pay for your care and things that you need.

When you’re 16, you’re carer will put £50 in your bank account for you to use to buy clothes. You will then get £10 a week to buy clothes. You can get this paid to you at regular intervals. For example, every month or once every 3 months. Your carer or social worker will help you with this.

Your carer will give you some pocket money every week. The amount you get goes up every time you have a birthday.

If you are still in care in the July after your 16th birthday, and you don’t have a job, you will get a £25 allowance. You will be expected to take more responsibility for buying the things you need and you can use this money to buy them. You carer will still provide food and pay the household bills. 

If you need some extra help to manage your money, you can arrange this through your pathway plan.

If you are in in full time education and you have a job, any money you earn is yours to keep. You will still keep getting your pocket money or allowance.

Once you are 11 and in full time education, you will be provided with a computer so you can do your school work. You can find out more on our getting a computer web page.

Once you have a full time job and you are earning more than the amount job seekers allowance pays, the amount you get as pocket money or allowance goes down every month depending on how much you earn.

Your carer will be given extra money for your birthday and for Christmas or whichever religious festival you celebrate. The amount goes up as you get older. Your carer can use this money to buy you presents and to pay for a party or an outing.