Help and support if you are leaving care

Help and support if you are leaving care

We will give you financial and practical support until you’re 21. When you leave care there’ll be a meeting to help you work out what you’re going to do next.

You are a care leaver if you were in care for at least 14 weeks and were in care on your 16th birthday

Your personal advisor will help you when you leave care. They will:

  • Stay in contact with you and make sure you get the support you need. They will try their best to make contact with you at least every 3 months
  • Help you put a plan together which will show the support you need to help you live independently. This is known as a pathway plan
  • Help you find somewhere to live.
  • You can get a setting up home allowance (also known as a leaving care grant) of at least £2,000. This is to help you buy the things you need when moving into your own home
  • If you’re 16 or 17 when you leave care, we will cover the cost of your housing if you aren’t able to get housing benefits
  • If you’re over 18 you can claim benefits. We encourage you to get a job – your personal advisor will help you with this
  • On your birthday we will give £50. On your 18th and 21st we will give £100
  • Depending on which religious festival you celebrate, this could be Christmas or Eid, we will give you £50

  • If you are 18 or 19 and go to college, you might be able to get up £1200 to help pay for your course. You will need to apply directly to your college. If you have a Connexions advisor, they can also help you with this
  • If you are 19 or over, you can apply for an Adult Learners Grant. You can do this through your college
  • If you go to university, you can get up to £2000 to help pay for your course. We will also pay for your accommodation during the holidays, your travel to and from university, and education materials, such as study books, note books and pens.
  •  If you go to college or university we might be able to provide you with a laptop or desktop computer.You can find out more on our getting a computer web page.