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CiCC space

CiCC space

Summary of CiCC work in a typical year

  • Rock painting activity
  • We had visitors to the Children in Care Council to tell us know what they are doing in their particular area, for example we met the manager of the new team – The Compass Team and we had the manager of the IROs sharing her annual report with us. We also had a lady from Kooth to showcase their new app to us which is for children and young people to help them with their emotional / mental health – we tried the app and really liked it
  • We meet with the Director of Children’s Services and the lead Councillor from the Corporate Parent Board
  • We present to the Corporate Parent Board to let them know about Children in Care and Care Leavers in Wokingham 
  • We design the annual Pledge survey and sent it to all Children in Care in Wokingham 
  • We input into various strategies such as the Children in Care and Care Leavers Strategy and the Placement Strategy
  • We produced the Pledge on a page to make it accessible to all Children in Care in Wokingham
  • We produced a Covid postcard with self-care tips and sent it to all Children in Care in Wokingham  
  • Covid audit – we designed an audit about the voice of the child in lockdown for Children in Care in Wokingham 
  • We looked at the consultation documents Children in Care get sent before their Child in Care Review Meeting and tried to make them more user friendly 
  • We have given comments to the Virtual School about their new website
  • We are making improvements to our CiCC website
  • WE HAVE FUN!! 


What have we got planned for 2021?

  • Leaflets – we will get involved in updating the leaflets for Children in Care / Care Leavers

  • CiCC website & CiCC website focus group 

  • Total Respect Training – we will be training young people in care to train all new Social Care staff including Social Workers, Managers, Foster Carers and Councillors 

Poster from Safa for CPB presentation.jpeg